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We are an international business, based in Sweden. Our teams consists of a mix of people from academia, leadership development and tech, united by our mission – to provide the world's most empathic 360-feedback experience! We call it RealityCheck!

Our mission

We are currently facing some of the most challenging times in our history. All future-oriented businesses are taking measures towards becoming fully sustainable. This means all procedures within companies are being scrutinized and transformed. In a rapidly changing world, RealityCheck wants to provide actionable feedback in the most empathic way possible.

Our empathy is directed towards all who choose to play a constructive role in their company and community. Without people who are willing to lead, we are doomed to face our challenges with poor coordination.

RealityCheck provides all leaders with the information and support they need to successfully orient themselves and develop their awareness – to lead us into a more sustainable future.

Our mission

Core values

Core values


We care about the future and we recognize that we depend upon exemplary leadership for a sustainable future. That's why we base every line of code on empathy for those who accept the responsibility to lead. We will provide them with the RealityChecks they need to successfully lead.


Our ambition is to create the best possible solution for our users. Where others seek to limit their role we strive to challenge ourselves to expand our impact.


We will not supplant human interaction with our platform. Many of the challenges we face are interpersonal. We will not deny leaders the interactions they must handle. Instead we will support them in having lifechanging conversations that will grow trust and promote efficient collaboration.

Before we start, let's be clear about:

Leaders aren't "good" or "bad"

They are human beings, able to learn from failures. No one is born a leader. Rather, successful leadership is learned, being culturally and contextually sensitive. Successful leadership is in tune with the surroundings – it is feedback sensitive.

We don't judge

We won't tell you who you should promote or who is worthy of a raise. We don't believe in giving grades or measuring people's capacity. We will offer guidance on how each leader can grow and use their inherent potential. Being open to feedback is a prerequisite for leadership positions.


Our team

With more than ten years experince from coaching and management consultancy we have a detailed understainding of the needs of HR, coaches, and leaders. This background helps us provide empathic solutions that truly help leaders to grow and processes to run smoothly.

Our solution and analysis is based on our research in epistemology and cognitive science. By combining recent findings with overarching frameworks, we strive to offer our users an optimal experience. 

RealityCheck works closely with a great team (sqrONE) of devs and designers based in Skopje, Northen Macedonia. Together, we form a tribe that solve problems and create nimble digital solutions.

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