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An innovative approach to the 360 process with an interactive report available all the time.

From assessment to insight, actions and follow-up.

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Empathic feedback

Empathic feedback

Beyond features that need to be great, we strive to build empathy into every single line of code we write.

We have respect for each leader's situation, acknowledging the vulnerability involved in a 360-feedback process. For the feedback to be candid, specific and relevant, it needs to be held within a compassionate environment.  

Insigths and growth

RealityCheck is a fully equipped, multi-tenant web-based platform generating interactive and insightful data reports focused on growth.

By focusing on where leaders have the potential to grow and acknowledging where they already are exceeding expectations, we move away from generic information and closer to genuine insights concerning their situation. This approach allows for real growth.

Insights and growth
Cognitive analysis

Powerful cognitive analysis

Through a cognitive scientifically based model, our analysis and index point leaders in the right direction.

The guessing game is over. RealityCheck identifies which conversations are needed and between who.

Why RealityCheck

Updated truths

Updated truths

RealityCheck enables leaders to base their understanding and actions on up-to-date information.



Making leaders aware of where they need to focus and where they are perceived as exceeding expectations, is a game changer.



RealityCheck lets you know which efforts are needed in order to ensure positive leadership.

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