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If you have any questions or concerns, we hope to address them for you. Read through this page for anything you might want to learn to get started.

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Adding a new company

New company

To add a company, navigate to the reports tab and click the + icon.

Remember to add recipient groups to your company by clicking the number in the recipient groups column.

Add recipient
Changes for company

To make changes to your company information, click the ... icon.

Creating a template

To begin a new template, navigate to the templates tab and click the + icon.

New template
Enter details

Enter the details for the first area of questioning and your first question.

If you wish to invert the rating scale so the highest number is the most negative response, click the negative context toggle.

Negative context
Add question

Add as many questions as you want to the selected area by clicking the "+ Add Question" button.

You can select between rating, yes/no, or open ended style questions by clicking the field under Question Type.

Select rating
Add area

Repeat this process for as many areas you wish by clicking the "+ Add Area" button.

You change the scale for rating questions in the bottom right corner abover the Save button.

Change scale
Save template

To save your template, click the Save button in the bottom right corner.

Creating a questionnaire

To create a new questionnaire, navigate to the "Create Questionnaire" tab, select a template, and enter the details of the leader in focus.

New questionnaire
Add details

After adding making changes in the same manner as editing a template, add the details for every recipient of the questionnaire.

Be sure to set a due date for responses in the bottom right corner above the Next button.

Due date
Limit group

Set a limit for each group of employees and when you are done an email with a link to the questionnaire will be sent to all recipients.

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