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Introducing a new 360-tool that helps identify what goes on around your leaders.

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"Join us in our quest for empathic leadership development. We would love to hear your thoughts on how leaders and organizations can grow with the help of 360-feedback.”

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Empathic leadership support

Receiving feedback isn't always comfortable – that's why we decided to integrate empathy into every step of our platform.

Techwise, RealityCheck is a fully equipped, multi-tenant web-based platform generating interactive and insightful data reports focused on growth.

Empathic leadership support
A report that makes a difference

A report that makes a difference

Once leaders fully understand how they are perceived, they will gradually be able to take more informed and conscious action. We are experts in the field of 360-feedback and will guide you on your journey towards better, more sustainable, leadership.

The power of 360


We help you create a tailor-made questionnaire that will ensure relevant and specific feedback for your leaders.


When the responses are in, RealityCheck will tell you the specific support each leader needs.


With their report, your managers will be able to maximise their leadership through informed actions.


Why RealityCheck

Qualitative questions

Qualitative questions

Whether you are looking for templates or tailor-made solutions in sync with your company values – we provide you with great questions, based on the latest research in leadership and cognitive science.

cognitive analysis


We integrate cognitive scientific analysis into our platform. Since leaders need actionable advice, we guide them towards the very foundation of behaviour.

Empathic follow-up


Getting the report is only the beginning of the journey. Being able to make informed decisions isn't easy. 360:s aren't always intuitive, which is why we extend our ambition to create the most empathic follow-up ever.

Leaders long for more feedback. With a RealityCheck report you provide them with accurate data as well as compassionate support.


Qualitative & quantitative feedback

We make sure your report is balanced with quantitative and qualitative assessments.

Performance reviews that really matter

Never being enough. Even the best leaders struggle with self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. With a RealityCheck report, they will know their value and how to further develop.

Sustainable growth

Learning to cope with the feeling of inadequency, learning to not let it drain us, to not allow it to paralyze us or loose focus, that’s how RealityCheck helps leaders.

The importance of feedback

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